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Pastor Manasseh was born in a Christian Family in India. He committed his life for full time ministry when he was seventeen years old. He completed his bachelor’s in theology and then worked as a missionary in North India before travelling to London for his higher studies.

He is the Founder and senior pastor of Heaven’s Dew ministries, London and the founder of London for Jesus. He travels to nations with his God given ministry www.mgaministries.org

Pastor Manasseh travels to many nations proclaiming the saving and healing power of Jesus Christ and the Lord is confirming the word with signs and wonders. Lord uses him in the areas of prophesy, healing and he is a powerful teacher of the word of God.

Now this ministry is reaching many nations, many lives are transformed, churches are revived, and many are coming to Jesus. In our crusades Lord Jesus heals many from different kind of sicknesses, delivers many from bondages and addictions.

We reach the unreached parts of many nations to preach the gospel. Mathew 24:14: And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

These are days of great harvest, and no where on earth is the harvest greater than now. Through the growing number of Church Planting Movements God is stirring nations around the world. If you want to be in mission with God, to share the joy of being His instrument in these days of harvest and end time revival, you’ve come to the right spot.

We are involved in evangelistic outreaches, healing services, leaders’ conferences, and in offering various services to churches and believers.

We network with churches and ministries in different parts of the world including Indonesia, Nepal, Africa, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Malaysia and India.

We conduct short term training for ministers from different parts of a country to equip them to be effective in ministry.

We support churches, ministries and orphanages and organise medical camps in parts of the world.

We train and support local people to start churches in their own areas and support the local community with basic skills and training.

You are the chosen vessel of God to support us to take the gospel to the unreached and to encourage and empower believers around the world and to support the mission work that we are supporting in parts of the world.

Be a part of this move of the Holy Spirit. Be a part of transforming lives.

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